Why choose our ceramics

Why choose our ceramics

A success that began way back in 2002, when two young artisans from Caltagirone, GIUSEPPE and NICOLA, made the decision of a lifetime: to leave the ceramic factory and the cigarette factory where they worked to start their own business.

At the beginning we worked in a garage, then in a rented warehouse. It is southern SICILY that rolls up its sleeves and the sacrifices bear excellent fruit. Caskets, tureens, cherubs in Baroque style. All decorated by hand. Products of pure passion and genius "made in SICILY". The company grows and in the 2000s the "SOFIA" brand is renowned nationally. From the Milan fair he set out to conquer markets throughout Europe.

Continuous research in the 2000s leads to a new, great turning point: ART AND DESIGN. The winning idea to embellish important homes in every corner of the globe: ITALY USA RUSSIA, Arab countries. A product that is still among the strong points of the extensive "SOFIA" catalogue.

Alongside the lamps, vases, lamps and columns enriched with traditional decorations are inspired by the manufacturing of the ancient school of CALTAGIRONE and re-proposed with a more current taste. Today, alongside the two founders, the "SOFIA" ceramics activity is carried forward by a new generation open to new stimulating challenges, but which does not forget the values ​​that allowed their masters to realize their dream: building a reality from solid roots in the ancient Sicilian land.