"Bummulu Malandrino" h 25 terracotta container used in Sicily to keep the water fresh even during the summer.

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Height: 25 cm
Style: Serie Ornato Mono Blu
  • The product is made and decorated entirely by hand.
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The Bummolo is a terracotta container used in Sicily to keep the water fresh even during the summer.

The history and use of this object in majolica called "BUMMULU MALANDRINO" in Sicilian dialect intrigues most of our customers.

It has very ancient origins. Specimens dating back to the 12th century have been found. The tradition of this object comes during the Arab domination of Sicily and was used to pour water, oil or wine.

Structured at the bottom with a perforated cylindrical base, it is turned upside down to be filled.

The use of bummol is based on a known behavior of liquids that pass to the gaseous state (evaporation) through absorption of heat. The material with which the bummol is built is permeable and allows a certain amount of water to transpire continuously which, in contact with the warm air of the environment, turns into steam. The resulting heat absorption takes place near the surface of the container, which therefore undergoes a lowering of the temperature sufficient to keep the liquid always fresh, even if exposed to the sun.

The process of creating our ceramics is divided into various meticulously curated phases, ensuring that each finished product is a unique and eternal work of art.

100% artisanal ceramic

For almost 20 years Sofia La Maiolica of Caltagirone has been involved in the artisanal production of unique majolica pieces, decorated and modeled by hand. They are inspired by the classic style of Caltagirone ceramics from all eras, made with unique glazes that recall the origins of the oriental world in which the colors were produced by the fusion of kaolin-based glazes. The manufacturing process that leads to the creation of our ceramics is divided into six important phases:

Turning, Drying, First firing, Enamelling, Decoration and Aging .

For each of these phases we dedicate the utmost care to every detail so that the final product is the result of a unique, inimitable and unaltered work over time. The main feature of purchasing a non-industrial product is precisely this: owning a unique product .

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