Owl in ceramics of Caltagirone - Artistic ceramics Sofia

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Height: 20 cm
Style: Linea Verde e Arancio
  • The product is made and decorated entirely by hand.
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Sicilians are fond of owls and many potters love to model ceramic owls which are known as symbols of wisdom and clairvoyance.

In Greek/Roman mythology the owl was a sacred figure, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom Athena / Minerva. The eyes and the beak of the Civetta follow the line of the letter φ (fi), the Greek alphabetical symbol of philosophy and later of the golden section. This letter therefore combines harmony, beauty and love for knowledge and research.

The ancient Greeks and the Romans honored them and what they believed to be their magic “inner light”.

These ceramics are to be used for decoration purpose only. Their beauty and their strong similarity to original Renaissance ceramics is in fact due to the use of traditional colours and glazes.

The process of creating our ceramics is divided into various meticulously curated phases, ensuring that each finished product is a unique and eternal work of art.

100% artisanal ceramic

For almost 20 years Sofia La Maiolica of Caltagirone has been involved in the artisanal production of unique majolica pieces, decorated and modeled by hand. They are inspired by the classic style of Caltagirone ceramics from all eras, made with unique glazes that recall the origins of the oriental world in which the colors were produced by the fusion of kaolin-based glazes. The manufacturing process that leads to the creation of our ceramics is divided into six important phases:

Turning, Drying, First firing, Enamelling, Decoration and Aging .

For each of these phases we dedicate the utmost care to every detail so that the final product is the result of a unique, inimitable and unaltered work over time. The main feature of purchasing a non-industrial product is precisely this: owning a unique product .

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The originality and style of our works make the Sofia brand a guarantee of quality and excellence.

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